The items are the objects you find in the dungeon. You can give the items to your partners and they will get affection, which is basically experience so they will level up. Items have a type (good, food, etc.) and level (the number of stars) which denotes increasing rarity and affection value.

Each partner has a favorite item; gifting it to them will gain 500 affection, which is the best way to level them up. They also have a favorite item type, which will give more than the other types at that level. The trophy gives 108 affection, and can be bought in the store repeatedly.

Item ListEdit


ID Image Name Description Favorite
Good_1 Item Good 1x Syringe You feel sick? I will give you a shot! 19/20


Good_2 Item Good 2x Abrasive This will soften up your stoney body! 31/32


Good_3 Item Good 3x Teddy Bear It's not like I want it or anything, but... 61


Good_4 Item Good 4x Brush Keep your feathers clean~ 07/08


Good_5 Item Good 5x Eyewash Protect your one and only precious eye. 49/50


Good_6 Item Good 6x Hand Warmer Even with furs, this snow field feels so cold... 13/14


Good_7 Item Good 7x Hand Mirror It's handy when tidying up sna... I mean, hair. 47/48


Good_8 Item Good 8x Perfume You always gotta be ready if you want to lure boys~ 45/46


Good_9 Item Good 9x uPhone There's another world inside this box. 33/34


Good_10 Item Good 10x A certain company's logo Bling! Bling!? 05/06

Will o' Wisp

Weapon_1 Item Weapon 1x Dagger What? It's not just for cutting fruits?
Weapon_2 Item Weapon 2x Long Sword The weapon of choice for that bony friend. 17/18


Weapon_3 Item Weapon 3x Longbow With this, even an enemy far away is within your reach!
Weapon_4 Item Weapon 4x Whip That girl with Egyptian heritage seems to have a sadistic nature. 29/30


Weapon_5 Item Weapon 5x Morning Star If you get hit with this, you will get to see the morning star, it seems.
Weapon_6 Item Weapon 6x Great Axe This weapon pairs with Miss Cow from the labyrinth. 39/40


Weapon_7 Item Weapon 7x Halberd A weapon somewhere in between a spear and an axe.
Weapon_8 Item Weapon 8x Flamberge Burning flame shaped blade♪
Weapon_9 Item Weapon 9x Death Scythes Originally owned by the Grim Reaper but some knight lady seems to like it too. 51/52

Death Knight

Weapon_10 Item Weapon 10x Excalibur The most famous holy sword in the world. Awesome!
Flower_1 Item Flower 1x Tulip You can eat bulbs of some tulips.
Flower_2 Item Flower 2x Morning Glory This flower symbolizes 'affection.' 62/63


Flower_3 Item Flower 3x Lily Our little fay friend likes this flower. 1/2


Flower_4 Item Flower 4x Sunflower This flower resembles you...
Flower_5 Item Flower 5x Cactus Maid from some store just goes crazy over this cactus. 55/56


Flower_6 Item Flower 6x Cosmos Burn! My Cosmo...s...
Flower_7 Item Flower 7x Carnation Very helpful on Mother's Day.
Flower_8 Item Flower 8x Hyacinth The legend says this flower was created from blood of a beautiful youth.
Flower_9 Item Flower 9x Rose Beware, every rose has its thorns. 64/65

Killer Bee

Flower_10 Item Flower 10x Amaranth Flower of eternity. Isn't it great?
Jewel_1 Item Jewel 1x Peral Necklace World record length seems to be over 200 meters long. Really!?
Jewel_2 Item Jewel 2x Zircon Buckle ZrSiO4! Learned something new, eh?
Jewel_3 Item Jewel 3x Ruby Pendant I don't know why, but that kiddo with poison needle on her tail seems to like this. 11/12


Jewel_4 Item Jewel 4x Topaz Chain Various colors available but brown one is the most valuable one.
Jewel_5 Item Jewel 5x Sapphire Amulet Hold the Star Sapphire under a light.
Jewel_6 Item Jewel 6x Emerald Hairpin This jewel is softer than you think so it's hard to process.
Jewel_7 Item Jewel 7x Mithril Earring It would look really nice on that stone lady in china dress. 27/28


Jewel_8 Item Jewel 8x Black Onyx Brooch This treasure will bring you eternal life and tremendous wealth!
Jewel_9 Item Jewel 9x Diamond Ring Oh, would you marry me!? 66/67

Snow Princess

Jewel_10 Item Jewel 10x Adamantite Bracelet A rare piece of metal that is sought even by the mightiest dragon. 59


Food_1 Item Food 1x Candy Really really sweet!
Food_2 Item Food 2x Ice Cream That poor child engulfed in flames... she needs to cool down. 58


Food_3 Item Food 3x Carrot Pie Eh... Do you like carrots, Doc? 09/10


Food_4 Item Food 4x Tomato Juice Let's bite the tomato juice out of their necks! 57/58


Food_5 Item Food 5x Chocolate Triple chocolate meltdown, quadruple gooey meltdown. 03/04


Food_6 Item Food 6x Black Tea Even after becoming a ghost, I can't forget the taste of that tea... 23/24


Food_7 Item Food 7x Fried Chicken The favorite food of that bird girl with backpack! 25/26


Food_8 Item Food 8x Steak Premium beef steak that even the mixed creature can't resist. 15/16


Food_9 Item Food 9x Barbecue Her appetite is comparable to that of the dragon! 37/38


Food_10 Item Food 10x Ambrosia Fantastic cuisine that is sometime referred as the food of the gods.
Wear_1 Item Wear 1x Katyusha T.h.a.t.'s. m.i.n.e, M.a.s.t.e.r. 21/22


Wear_2 Item Wear 2x Straw Hat Gets out of sight like a midsummer night's dream...
Wear_3 Item Wear 3x High Heels You wanna get under that devilish lady's heels?! 53/54


Wear_4 Item Wear 4x Sunglasses I don't know why that elf lady living in the dark needs this shade. 43/44

Dark Elf

Wear_5 Item Wear 5x One-piece This one-piece dress would look nice on an innocent girl.
Wear_6 Item Wear 6x Frill Skirt A skirt as light as elemental of wind. 35/36


Wear_7 Item Wear 7x Party Dress This will make you the heroine of tonight!
Wear_8 Item Wear 8x Sexy Bikini By the term 'diva of water', I expected more modest image... 41/42


Wear_9 Item Wear 9x Lingerie Oh, my my!
Wear_10 Item Wear 10x Wedding Dress This would look marvelous on that angelic bride! 60/68


General_1 Item General 1x The thing that everyone wants You know what I'm talking about.